Companies active in various areas of manufacturing, services and consultancy for survival and market presence with factors such as lack of familiarity with the business owners, business issues, finances, valuation, product complexity and reasonable behavior of buyers, inaccurate predictions of The growth and attractiveness of the market and the acquisition of a favorable market share and some of the other things, the factors that make it difficult for start-up businesses and even the active business of the past to go bankrupt and dissolve. . In other words, it can be said that, in addition to having a good idea, there must be other important and effective factors, such as: excellent promotion, specialty field, credibility, relevance to target market, capabilities, and the correct and scientific estimation of predictions etc. So that companies achieve their goals and remain in the field of activity and to grow their own development. Nowadays, various institutions are trying to solve problems by relying on their business and by evaluating and feasibility of the plans, so that they can work out the weaknesses and improve the performance of the companies in close contact with the business and industry by providing the appropriate advice and solutions.

Accordingly, the Middle East Technology Center (special joint stock company) was established in 2008 with the aim of meeting the needs of evaluating and feasibility of new technology projects and projects, with the support of the Campus Technology Park, the Elite Technology Development Institute and the New Technology Development Fund .

government private
–      – Presidential science and technology assistant (more than 1000 designs in various subjects)
– Elite National Foundation (more than 900 designs)
– Fund for the Protection of Researchers and Technology (60 projects)
– Campus Technology Park (more than 900 designs)
– Nanoscience Special Promotion Headquarters (more than 35 designs)
– National Iranian Gas Company (10 designs)
– Innovation and Prosperity Fund
– Industrial Development and Renovation Organization of Iran
– New Technology Development Fund
– Elite Technology Development Institute
– Research and Technology Fund for Electricity and Energy
– Fund for Research and Development of Electronics Industries (Saha)
– Academic Jihad
– Science and Technology Park of the City
– International tech Market Co.
– Managing Export of Iranian Technology
– Ara Research
– Tandis Pharmaceuticals Company
– avizhe Nanotechnology Supply Corporation
– Ilia Company
– Fatrosi Research Company
– Delshid Company
– System Processing Company
– sodoor ahrar shargh Company
-metal Nano coating company
– Asia Sensors Co.
  • Experts in finance, industry, technology and industrial engineering
  • Using a team of industry consultants and diverse areas
  • Use of entrepreneurial and business advisers who have experience in managing business technology.
  • Desirable experience in providing justification reports and economic reviews of technological projects
  • Good experience in financing technological projects
  • Member of the Venture Capital Beneficiary Association
  • Member of the Credit & Investment Advisers Bank
  • Member of Iranian Technology Management Board
  • Member of the Specialist Technology Center of Campus

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